New Faces at CCAA

Our New People at Head Office

At the head office, we have been fortunate that two dynamic and experienced women have joined the council.

Sohini Famili

CCAA's Skills Development and Partnerships Coordinator, Sohini is by now already known to most of you through calls or emails to the office – she is our first point of contact for clients, organizes registrations and upgrades to our online learning centre, supervises certifications and renewals; and is central to corporate communications.

Coordinator, Skills Development & Partnerships

1-613-727-8272 Ext. 232

Having attained her degree in bio-chemistry, Sohini went on to develop extensive experience in both government and private business customer relations. Always in a scientific or technical field, Sohini has worked with the clienteles of key institutions such as the National Research Council, the Standards Council of Canada, and for many years, with Fisher Scientific. Sohini’s excellent customer service abilities are based on 20 years of coordinating the certification needs of clients – for their products or personnel.


Kethy Sosso-Kolle

Kethy comes to CCAA from Thermo Fisher Scientific with her Masters in Environmental Toxicology from the University of Ottawa and eight years of experience as an E-business customer service representative.

As CCAA’s Training and Skills Development Coordinator, Kethy is your first point of contact for all questions related to classroom workshops and registrations. She manages CCAA's annual calendar for public workshops across Canada, as well as private workshops at a location of your choice (for a group of 7 or more people across your organization). 

Coordinator, Training and Skills Development
613-727-8272 Ext. 261