RFPS and Request for Bids

CCAA invites all members of the Canadian Aviation and Aerospace industry and education community to consider working with CCAA on the CCAA Accelerated Assessment Project. We welcome repsonses to the following RFPs and Request for Bids.

Please see the following documents:

RFP for Coordination of Development of Knowledge and Practical Examinations, for 7 Aviation and Aerospace Occupations

RFP for Development of Online Tool for 7 Knowledge and 7 Practical Examinations, and Career Information Materials for Aviation and Aerospace Occupations

Request for Bids for the Development of Knowledge and Practical Examinations for the Aviation and Aerospace Occupations of:

  • Aircraft Interiors Technician
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician
  • Aircraft Structures Technician
  • Aviation Machinist
  • Avionics Technician
  • Composites Fabricator
  • Gas Turbine Engine Technician

IMPORTANT: Bidders are welcome to bid for the exam development for one, several, or all, of the above-mentioned occupations.

January 9, 2018