Dangerous Goods Transportation Orientation Workshop

How You Will Benefit

This executive awareness briefing will guide executive decision makers through safety considerations, the national regulations, and corporate legal responsibility.  It addresses effective dangerous goods management at all levels of the enterprise.  Safe transportation of dangerous goods is dependent on these key individuals.  

Workshop Description

This half day workshop is based on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Program Administrator National Occupation Standard and emphasizes both risk management and security.  It focusses on awareness of dangerous goods requirements, knowledge, and skills directly related to transport operations. Content covered in this workshop includes:

  • Expectations of the corporate executive
  • Who regulates dangerous goods
  • Regulatory publications
  • Classification and handling of dangerous goods
  • Supply chain intermodal realities
  • Hazards specific to air transport
  • Hidden hazards
  • Compliance and the consequences of non-compliance
  • Competencies required in a capable dangerous goods program administrator

After this workshop, participants will have a sound understanding of the importance of meeting corporate obligations for accurate identification of dangerous goods as well as documentation, packaging, training, shipping and acceptance.

Intended Audience

This workshop is designed for:

  • Corporate Executives
  • Managers, trainers and administrators involved with their company’s dangerous goods or environmental health and safety programs.