Accident/Incident Investigation Workshop - In English (Toronto, ON)

Mar 2
Toronto, ON
Mar 2, 2016
08:30 - 16:30

How You Will Benefit


This workshop is presented in collaboration with The Loomex Group designed to ensure participants are aware of the main components necessary to conduct a basic accident’/incident investigation. The first responder to the scene must start and, on occasion, assist or participate in and even complete the investigation on behalf of the organization, depending on the nature and seriousness of the accident/incident.


Workshop description


This one-day workshop identifies the basic step-by-step procedure for approaching the scene and performing the investigation. Upon completing the course, participants are not expected to perform a serious injury, major loss or fatality investigation without support from other fully trained or specialized investigators.

Participants are able to explain what an accident/incident is, are able to recognize and use the initial response to the scene. Guidelines for effective interviewing are reviewed. Participants also learn to collect evidence using the four P’s – People, Parts, Position and Paper, participate in a mock accident/incident investigation, and complete the appropriate information in an accident/investigation report. Information specific to aviation Accident/Incident investigation will also be covered.

Objectives are tested by practical demonstration and the preparation of a simple accident report.


Intended Audience


The Workshop is designed for:

  • Members of emergency management program committees;
  • Personnel responsible for emergency management programs within their organizations
  • Accountable executives
  • Airport CEO’s and Managers
  • Directors in Aviation/Aerospace
  • Operations Managers
  • Operations Staff