Corrective Action Plans Workshop - In English (Montreal, QC)

Nov 6
Montreal, QC
Nov 6, 2015
08:30 - 16:30

Corrective Action Plans Workshop

How will you benefit:


This workshop is presented in collaboration with McGill University. This workshop was created at the request of the aviation and aerospace industry in response to the increasing demand driven by inappropriate Corrective Action Plans.  Participants will learn to properly assess, analyze and develop corrective action plans.


Workshop description:


This one day workshop is intended for individuals who may be required to respond to findings by developing corrective action plans.  Participants will learn to develop meaningful and appropriate corrective action plans.  Content covered in this workshop includes:

  • Understanding management system basics as they apply to findings
  • Understanding the fundamentals of Short Term (corrective) action plans
  • Understanding and applying methods for determining the root causes of a finding
  • Developing Long Term (preventative) action plans

Upon the successful completion of this workshop, participants will possess a thorough understanding of how to interpret findings, develop corrective actions, determine root causes and develop preventative actions.  


Intended audience:

  • Individuals who are likely to be expected to address findings by developing corrective action plans