Crisis Communication Workshop - In English (Peterborough, ON)

Oct 1
Peterborough, ON
Oct 1, 2015
08:30 - 16:30


How You Will Benefit


This workshop presented in collaboration with The Loomex Group ensures that employees can confidently respond to the public and media.  In stressful situations you will provide a professional presentation and elicit a feeling of trust during a crisis.


Workshop description


This one-day workshop teaches participants how to deal with all aspects of Crisis Communication during an emergency or large-scale event.  Multimedia tools are used to keep participants engaged.  Content covered in this workshop includes:


  • Dealing with Traditional Media Outlets
  • News Conferences – how to plan an effective news conference
  • Media Releases – how to prepare appropriate media releases
  • Social Media – the “good”; the “bad”; and the “ugly”. Real examples demonstrate how social media can both help and hinder operations
  • Interviewing – live on camera practical exercises
  • Interactive Media Scenarios – how effective Crisis Communication can make or break the public’s perception during an emergency
  • Media Relations – how to handle media during the “what if…?” questions

Upon completion of this course participants will have arranged a mock press conference with a scrum and an interview panel.  Participants will demonstrate the skills they have gained throughout the day.



Intended Audience


The Workshop is designed for:

  • Members of emergency management program committees;
  • Personnel responsible for emergency management programs within their organizations
  • Accountable executives
  • Airport CEO’s and Managers
  • Directors in Aviation/Aerospace
  • Operations Managers
  • Operations Staff