Quality Systems Auditor Workshop

Quality Systems Auditor Workshop

Workshop Description

This 2-day workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the steps involved in the audit process. Content covered in this workshop includes:

  • Preparing an audit program
  • Developing and validating checklists
  • Understanding risk management as a component of the audit process
  • Addressing common quality assurance issues
  • Scheduling and planning audits
  • Analyzing evidence and applying audit evaluation methods
  • Preparing audit reports and developing corrective action plans
  • Improving audit performance

Course content:


  • $850 – regular price
  • $680 – for CCAA partners

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“I found the course extremely educational I learned so much about technique, fact finding, and just everything I did not know about auditing. It made me want all the passed audits I had completed back, so I could do them properly with all that I had learned. […] I really wish this was the first course I had ever taken [and] I would not hesitate in attending any other courses offered by CCAA.”
– M.I. at Flying Colours Corp – Mississauga, ON, 2014

“The information was very useful. I wish I had [taken] that course before my first audit.”
– V.M at Canadian Helicopters Ltd – Mississauga, ON, 2016

“I have been involved in Quality Programs and have performed audits over the years and I continue to learn new strategies through a course like this.”
– S.M. from Brant Aero – Mississauga, ON, 2016

“Well-structured class. I am very happy with the content and level of expertise of the instructor, and the presentation was very well done.”
– V.L. – Chilliwack, BC, 2017

“[The workshop] gave much insight into areas of potential improvement, for both the company and myself as a QA officer. Length [of the workshop] was just right.”
– K.T. at Sealand Aviation Ltd – Calgary, AB, 2017


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