Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace 2018 Labour Market Information Report for Aviation & Aerospace

The Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace, CCAA, is pleased to provide the 2018 Labour Market Information (LMI) Report to industry.

The report quantifies the workforce of the industry, as well as projected labour and skills shortages.  The study projects a need to hire 55,000 new workers by 2025 to keep pace with projected industry growth and to replace workers who are retiring or leaving the workforce for other reasons. This represents one third of the existing workforce of 154,000 today.

The study also looks at the current and projected number of graduates. Only a quarter of the needed workers—about 14,000—will be domestic graduates.

The LMI report highlights issues which need immediate attention, if the industry is to have enough workers with the right skills, to keep pace with growth and retirements. It confirms the need for a National Labour Market Strategy to address these issues.

CCAA has been conducting LMI studies for many years. Data collection is seen as a diagnostic tool which will help provide key stakeholders with the data necessary to make informed decisions.” said Theresa Davis-Woodhouse, Director of Project Management and Accreditation for the CCAA.

CCAA, and industry use LMI reports to identify labour force challenges, and create programs to address them. For instance, CCAA now administers an ESDC-funded wage subsidy program for employers in the industry to hire students (e.g. co-op, interns, field placement or summer students). The Student Work Integrated Learning Program, SWILP, runs for another 3 years, so employers can make longer term plans for future hiring.

“On behalf of the industry,” Robert Donald, the Executive Director of CCAA said “We wish to acknowledge and thank the Federal Government for funding this study. Without their support the study would not have been possible.”

To get your copy of the full report, please contact Theresa Davis-Woodhouse, at 613-727-8272, Ext. 247, or click here for your copy in English, or here for your copy in French.

About CCAA The Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace (CCAA) is dedicated to assisting industry ensure the Canadian aviation and aerospace industry has enough workers with the right skills to meet industry needs. CCAA has two main areas of focus: skills development and industry demographics (supply and demand for skills). For more information about Aviation & Aerospace workforce development programs and training, please contact CCAA at 1-613-727-8272 or 1-800-488-9715; Linked-In; Twitter; CCAA News.