About Us

The Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace (CCAA) is dedicated to ensuring the Canadian aviation and aerospace industry has enough workers with the right skills to meet industry needs.

CCAA works with all segments of the industry to develop tools and solutions for specific skills and demographic needs of the industry.

CCAA has two main areas of focus: skills development and industry demographics (supply and demand for particular skills).

CCAA has developed 29 detailed standards for aviation and aerospace occupations that provide nation-wide recognition of competencies and capabilities, and also serve as the basis for certification in specific trades. Many of the CCAA standards may be referenced and used as one means of satisfying Transport Canada personnel competency requirements in regard to applicable work performed in an AMO for Personnel Working in Approved Maintenance Organizations.

CCAA provides curricula for programs starting in high school through to up-skilling workshops for the workplace. In addition to its well-respected Aviation and Aerospace Orientation Program for high schools, 30 CCAA accredited programs are currently running in 16 post-secondary institutions across Canada. CCAA continuously develops new training workshops and e-Learning courses to develop workers’ skills while they remain in the workforce.

Mission Statement

CCAA’s mission is to develop, promote and administer a comprehensive and effective human resources strategy for the Canadian aviation and aerospace industry.