Boards & Committees

CCAA’s Board of Directors, as well as its other Boards and Committees, are made up of industry representatives in order to assist the CCAA to develop, promote and administer a comprehensive and effective human resources strategy for the Canadian aviation and aerospace industry. The Directors and Committee members kindly volunteer their time to help CCAA achieve its goals. 

CCAA Board and Committees:

  • CCAA Board of Directors
    • CCAA Audit Committe
    • CCAA Nominating Committee
  • CCAA Accreditation Board
  • CCAA Certification Board
  • CCAA National Standing Trade Advisory Committees
  • CCAA Youth Internship Advisory Committee (YIAC)

The members of the CCAA Board of Directors are:

  • Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC)
    • Mike Mueller, Vice President AIAC-Pacific
  • Air Canada
    • Richard Steer, Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC)
    • Wayne Gouveia, Senior Vice President 
  • Chair of the Board
    • Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces (DND)
    • Col. Andrew Fleming, Chief of Staff - Director General Information Management Project Delivery, Canadian Armed Forces Headquarters
  • Canadian Federation of AME Associations
    • Dennis Lyons, Fast Air, Person Responsible for Maintenance 
  • Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC)
    • Fred Jones, President & CEO
  • Canadian Business Aviation Association
    • Anthony Norejko, President and CEO 
  • International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW)
    • Keith Aiken, Air Transportation Coordinator
    • Neil Giroux, Aerospace Coordinator
    • David Chartrand, Quebec Coodinator (District 11)
  • KF Aerospace
    • Grant Stevens, Vice President, Corporate Services, Company Security Officer Designated Official (CGP)

The Youth Internship Advisory Committee (YIAC) is composed of representatives from the Aviation and Aerospace Orientation Program instructors at the Air Cadet League of Canada, and Directorate of Cadets (DND).  The Youth Internship Advisory Committee (YIAC) members provide feedback on youth projects for instruction, student involvement, recruitment, career education and sector awareness strategies.