Instructor Guides and Curricula

CCAA has developed detailed and comprehensive Instructor Guides and Curricula.

Instructor Guides are used in post-secondary training organizations and employer based training departments for aviation related occupations, while CCAA’s Master Teaching Plan (MTP) is a comprehensive lesson plan for use by instructors in the classroom.

The NSTACs help to develop Instructor Guides and the Canadian Association of Deans of Aerospace (CADA) and the National Training Association (NTA) to develop the Curricula. This ensures that Colleges and the training organizations are teaching what industry needs.

The Curricula are developed based on the requirements outlined in the Occupational Standard (OS) for specific occupations.

CCAA has developed Instructor Guides and Curricula for the following occupations:

  1. Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technician
  2. Aircraft Interior Technician
  3. Aircraft Maintenance Technician*
  4. Aircraft Propeller Systems Technician
  5. Aircraft Structures Technician*
  6. Aviation Non-Destructive Inspection Technician
  7. Aviation Machinist
  8. Aviation Mechanical Component Technician
  9. Aviation Painter
  10. Aviation Welding Technician
  11. Avionics Maintenance Technician*
  12. Composite Fabricator Curriculum
  13. Training of Canadian Commercial Pilots

* These Curricula have been recognized by Transport Canada (Ref: Airworthiness Notice C002) for training delivered by an Approved Training Organization (ATO).

Master Teaching Plans (MTPs)

Master Teaching Plans (MTPs) are designed to organize all the components of a program under one cover. MTPs include student handout materials, self-evaluations, tests and quizzes and practical assignment guidelines. The lesson plans are broken down into stand-alone modules that may be taught in any order to provide flexibility and enable the instructor to adapt to specific learning situations.