Airports Occupation Rationalization Study with CAC

The Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council (CAMC) in partnership with the Canadian Airports Council (CAC), with funding from the federal government, commissioned InterVISTAS to conduct this Airport Occupations Rationalization Project. The project focused on defining the human resource issues facing the airport sector. The results provide airports with an overview of human resource issues associated with airport occupations, as well as observations and recommendations. The focus of this study was to identify sector-specific trends regarding training and development, recruitment and retention and other human resources issues.

Airports across Canada encompass a wide variety of aviation occupations. These different occupations represent quality labour force that contributes to airport governance, operations, and services. The overall effect of quality labour force in Canadian airports can provide its visitors and travellers with world-class service and ensure the strictest travel safety.

To understand the Canadian aviation industry and labour markets, this study included a survey of collected data from 31 airports across Canada and serves as a comprehensive analysis to understand the trends in Canadian airports and their occupations.