EASA Exams European mechanical (B1) or avionics (B2) licenses - at ENA

Technicians and AME’s in Eastern Canada now have an opportunity to take the exams for the European licenses B1 and B2 closer to home.

EASA Exams Now Available at ENA for European mechanical (B1) or avionics (B2) licenses.

ÉNA is the only College in Eastern Canada to offer all the EASA exams for the 17 modules that are required to get the European mechanical (B1) or avionics (B2) licenses. 

Next EASA Exams on 17-18 March 2020

All exams are available in French and in English.

For EASA Part 66 Exam Schedule: https://www.cegepmontpetit.ca/ena/english/easa-part66-exams

For more information about the exams, and registration: examens.easa@cegepmontpetit.ca 

For more information about ENA: https://www.cegepmontpetit.ca/ena/english/


February 27, 2020