CCAA Micro-Credential Training for Aviation & Aerospace


Aiming Higher: An Innovative New Micro-Credential Training System for Aviation and Aerospace

The Future Skills Centre has awarded the Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace (CCAA) a major contract to research, develop and pilot a national Micro-Credentialing Training System (MCTS) for the aviation and aerospace sector.

OTTAWA:  Canada’s aviation and aerospace sector was hit hard by the pandemic and with recovery on the horizon, it recognizes the need to become more efficient and adaptive. One way is to multi-skill employees to make it easier for them to work in new areas and better able to adapt to rapidly evolving new technologies.

The CCAA is leading a consortium of employers to research, develop and pilot an innovative, national Micro-Credentialing Training System (MTCS) to address the sector-wide need for skilled workers and help drive industry recovery and re-growth.

“Our system will be unique for the aviation and aerospace sector because it’s based on competencies rather than instructional hours…” says Robert Donald, CCAA’s Executive Director. “The MCTS will leverage emerging technologies to deliver the skills sought by industry, increase access to training and improve employability and worker mobility across Canada.”

Pedro Barata, Executive Director of the Future Skills Centre, says that developing a training system that provides multiple and varied skills for people working in the aviation and aerospace sector is a perfect example of FSC’s investment to help workers and employers leverage and build new skills for a rapidly-changing labour market. “This project addresses the need to multi-skill employees to increase their opportunities to work in different areas of the field so that they can pivot and seize new opportunities as the industry recovers. This is just one of the exciting shock-proofing projects that FSC is investing in to build a future playbook for shared prosperity, and help Canadian workers and businesses seize opportunities in our future economy.

The CCAA’s MCTS will offer industry-recognized training to support the movement of multi-skilled workers between aviation and aerospace companies such as airlines, Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MROs) and manufacturers, and between similar skilled industries that include automotive, electrified transportation systems, advanced manufacturing and others.

Project partners include KF Aerospace, Jazz Aviation, MHI Canada Aerospace, Nova Scotia Community College and Dr. Suzanne Kearns (University of Waterloo).

This initiative will pilot 150 learning units with a variety of companies across Canada. The Future Skills Centre is investing $ 1,535,595 in this 2-year project.

The Micro-Credentialing Training System (MCTS) is funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre.

The Future Skills Centre (FSC) is a pan-Canadian initiative dedicated to helping Canadians gain the skills needed to thrive in a changing labour market. FSC is funded by the government of Canada's Future Skills Program

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