Completed Workplan

CCAA Completed Studies and Projects 2009 - 2016

The following are a number of CCAA projects and work plans completed by CCAA. Please click on a title to read more about each initiative.



Developmentof of Composite Fabricator Curriculum
Development of Commercial Pilot Instructor Curriculum
Human Resources Needs Assessment for Employers and Training Organizations

Development of New Occupational Standards:

  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Program Administrator
  • Airport Airside Worker

Short Courses Development:

  • Canadian Air Regulations (CARS) Introduction and Refresher  (online)
  • Accountable Executive (workshop)
  • Audit Management (workshop)
  • Aviation Manager (online)

Transition and Student Workforce Issues:

  • Transition of skilled personnel from other sectors and the military to our sector
  • Apprenticeship
  • Dual Credits (e.g. for high school Aviation and Aerospace Orientation Program graduates)


Human Resource Study of the Commercial Pilot in Canada

Professional Pilot Occupational Standard Development

Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) Curriculum Update


Skilled Worksforce for the Future (promoting the industry to Youth)

Airports Occupation Rationalization Study with CAC

Safety Management Systems (see Training)


CAMC / CADA Aviation and Aerospace Courses / Program Survey (supply)