CCAA is the only nationally recognized Certifying body representing the aviation and aerospace industry.

Certification for the Employer

The benefits of a Certified workforce allows employers to demonstrate to third parties, such as Transport Canada, FAA and its customers, the high level of competencies and capabilities of its workforce. Certification has proven to reduce incidents and accidents, resulting in insurance cost savings and lower injury rates.

Certification for the Worker

Certification is the process by which an individual is able to demonstrate and document that they have met the requirements of a particular occupation and possesses the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for the job. The necessary skills and competencies required to meet Certification is based on CCAA’s Occupational Standard for that occupation.

The Certification process requires:

  • The employee documents their competencies in a CCAA logbook which describes in detail all the tasks and sub-tasks required. This documented proof is reviewed by a CCAA approved Evaluator, who will sign-off on the logbook.
  • The next step is the employee submits their completed logbook to CCAA for review.
  • Once approved, CCAA will issue the employee Certification for their specified occupation.

Additional requirements may include a combination of training at an Accredited College, and/or a challenge exam.

*13 Standards recognized by Transport Canada (Ref: AC 573-003) as meeting the regulatory requirements defined in CARs 573.06 as it pertains to training, qualifying and authorizing of personnel other than AME’s.