Accelerated Assessment and Certification (AAC) Project

Accelerated Skills Assessment, Alternative Careers, and Job Matching for Aviation and Aerospace

The objective of this project is to create an accelerated process for skilled foreign workers, and underemployed or unemployed Canadians, to fill the shortages in the Canadian aviation and aerospace industry. There is no effective mechanism today for foreign workers to confirm their competency to Canadian standards in the aviation and aerospace non-licensed trades. Consequently, a new plan is needed for foreign workers, and unemployed and underemployed Canadians.  An accelerated skills assessment, accelerated certification process and job matching service can assist workers to secure appropriate employment faster. This project will provide tools and a documented process to help individuals obtain employment which is aligned with their skills, to reduce "skills-mismatch".

This will be an industry-based recognition program, for non-regulated aviation and aerospace occupations. The traditional CCAA certification process can take from 2 to 5 years, and may include a combination of training at an accredited college, completion of a CCAA logbook, on­ the-job experience, and/or a challenge exam. This project will reduce the time frame to have skills recognized and/or become certified.

For information about the CCAA Accelerated Assessment and Certification program please contact Leslie Hogan at to participate.