CCAA Occupational Standards

An Occupational Standard (OS) identifies the tasks performed in a particular occupation and describes the knowledge and skills required to perform these tasks competently.

CCAA develops Occupational Standards by working with subject-matter experts to document the tasks and sub-tasks executed by workers in the performance of their duties. This analysis also itemizes the knowledge requirements to perform each task and sub-task, including equipment and tools utilized to accomplish them.

CCAA has developed 29 Occupational Standards to support the aviation and aerospace occupations. Please click on a Standard to learn more about it.

  1. Aerospace Materials Specialist*
  2. Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technician*
  3. Aircraft Interior Technician*
  4. Aircraft Maintenance Technician
  5. Aircraft Mechanical Assembler
  6. Aircraft Propeller Systems Technician*
  7. Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Technician*
  8. Aircraft Refueller
  9. Aircraft Simulator Technician
  10. Aircraft Structures Assembler
  11. Aircraft Structures Technician*
  12. Airside Worker
  13. Aviation Electrical / Electronics / Instrument Component Technician*
  14. Aviation Ground Services Attendant
  15. Aviation Machinist*
  16. Aviation Maintenance Inspector
  17. Aviation Maintenance Manager
  18. Aviation Mechanical Component Technician*
  19. Aviation Non-Destructive Inspection Technician*
  20. Aviation Painter*
  21. Aviation Special Processes Technician*
  22. Aviation Welding Technician*
  23. Avionics Maintenance Technician
  24. Commercial Pilot
  25. Composite Fabricator
  26. Electrical / Electronic Assembler
  27. Quality Assurance Manager
  28. Quality Systems Auditor
  29. Transportation of Dangerous Goods Program Administrator

*13 Standards recognized by Transport Canada (Ref: AC 573-003) as meeting the regulatory requirements defined in CARs 573.06 as it pertains to training, qualifying and authorizing of personnel other than AME’s.