A CCAA approved Evaluator is an aviation practitioner with experience in the same occupation as a worker seeking Certification.

The Evaluator plays a key role in the CCAA Certification system by authenticating a worker’s successful completion of required tasks. Usually in a supervisory position, an Evaluator is thoroughly familiar with the tasks identified in the CCAA logbook and is able to determine the worker’s abilities to carry out the assigned tasks effectively and without supervision.

Becoming an Evaluator

If you wish to be an Evaluator your employer must provide the following to CCAA:

  • a formal letter of nomination
  • a completed Evaluator Application Form
  • provide a résumé outlining your background and experience in the occupation

Note: a candidate applying to be an Evaluator must be a CCAA Certified member and the company must be a CCAA partner in skills development.

An Evaluator will receive a copy of the 'Evaluator Roles and Responsibilities' and a Certificate confirming their status. They are authorized to sign a worker’s logbook in their specific occupation.

Please Contact Us for an Evaluator Application Form.