Scribe/Documentation Workshop - In English (Peterborough, ON)

Sep 14
Peterborough, ON
Sep 14, 2015
08:30 - 16:30


How You Will Benefit


This workshop is presented in collaboration with The Loomex Group.  Following an incident or event employees should assume that their documentation could be used in court. Employees with skills to write efficient and standardized notes will ensure a professional and credible presentation of your team, and assist with the review and organizing of notes for retention.


Workshop description


This one-day workshop teaches the value of effective note taking.  After an airport incident or event employees should assume that their documentation could be used in court, and that you will likely be interviewed as part of an investigation, an insurance claim, an inquiry, or in a review by your employer. You may later be required to testify in court, before a tribunal or at an inquiry. Content covered in this workshop includes:

  • How, When and Why to Make Notes?
  • What to Expect During the Investigation?
  • What to Expect at an Inquiry/Discovery?
  • Case studies – relating to scribing
  • Exercises – relating to documentation/scribing
  • Master Event Logs vs. Personal Event Logs – which one to use and when?

Upon completion of this course participants will have developed proper documentation techniques and will be able to professionally present themselves and provide accurate information after an incident.


Intended Audience

The Workshop is designed for:

  • Members of emergency management program committees;
  • Personnel responsible for emergency management programs within their organizations
  • Accountable executives
  • Airport CEO’s and Managers
  • Directors in the Aviation/Aerospace industry
  • Operations Managers
  • Operations Staff