Fatigue Risk Management Workshop

How You Will Benefit

The ability of employees and employers to recognize the risks associated with fatigue is important within the aviation and aerospace industry. As a result, CCAA has created this workshop to assist companies with the development and implementation of a fatigue risk management strategy as part of their Safety Management System.

Workshop Description

This workshop provides participants with a comprehensive overview of fatigue management. Content covered in this workshop include:

  • Understanding and recognizing fatigue
  • Developing strategies to effectively manage fatigue in an operational environment

Following successful completion of the workshop, your company will be able to design and implement an effective Fatigue Risk Management Program.

Intended Audience

  • Accountable Executives
  • Operational Managers
  • Chief Flight Instructors / Chief Pilot
  • Line Personnel
  • All other employees in the aviation and aerospace industry

Available Formats

The workshop is presented in three separate modules:

  • A two hour introduction that could be offered to potential corporate partners.
  • A half-day workshop based on Transport Canada’s developed material.
  • A full day “Train-the-Trainer” program for companies large enough to require internal training capability.