Forum 2020 Phil Sims




Phil Sims

Senior Director of Finance and Program Development

Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace 

Philip Sims is the Senior Director of Finance and Program Development with the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace (CCAA). He has been involved with the CCAA for the past six years initially as an industry consultant and subsequently as a permanent member of staff. He holds an MBA with a specialty in aviation. His aviation experience spans more than 40 years, starting with British Airways, then moving to The International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Montreal where he became their worldwide Head of Cargo. This was followed by a spell of consulting for other industry groups and several years working in China as part of a domestic airline start-up operation.  Working with the CCAA has further extended his experience into the arena of industry labour supply while building on his experience of managing Industry Association operations and Government Relations.