Introduction to the Audit Process Workshop

How You Will Benefit

The industry requested CCAA develop this workshop for all aspects of aviation and aerospace, as a response to the increasing importance of audits that are regulated by Transport Canada.  Participants will apply learned skills to facilitate interaction with auditors.

Workshop Description

This two-day workshop provides participants with an understanding of the audit process and its role within a typical management system.  It is intended for individuals who manage or provide oversight of large segments of the business function of operators; and those likely to interact with auditors.  Content covered in this workshop includes:

  • Understanding the role of the audit process within a safety management system
  • Understanding the fundamentals of the Canadian Aviation Regulations
  • Understanding the process from the perspective of the individual being audited
  • Managing audit findings and developing plans to improve performance

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will possess a thorough understanding of how to prepare, react, and respond to an audit.

Intended Audience

The workshop is designed f or:

  • Individuals managing or providing oversight of portions or large segments of the business functions of operators, maintenance providers or trainers.
  • Individuals who are likely to interact with auditors and are uneasy about the audit process.
  • Individuals seeking to gain a general understanding of audits typical in the aviation industry.

Note: This workshop is NOT intended for auditors or individuals responsible for the management of the Quality Assurance System.