Online Training and Workshops

The gold standard provider of training, upskilling, certification and accreditation programs to the industry, the CCAA offers 29 nationally recognized competency standards and certifications for aviation and aerospace occupations that are transportable from region to region. 

The CCAA has an extensive suite of world-class online training and virtual instructor-led workshops.  We are continuously updating our programs and developing new training workshops and online courses to meet industry demands and develop workers’ skills while they remain in the workforce.

All CCAA training is fully aligned with our industry-leading National Occupational Standards and provides participants with specific and in-depth industry knowledge that range from Avionics to Quality Auditing, Safety Management System, Human Factors and many, many more.

New this fall is our Business and Human Skills Workshops for employees, supervisors and managers.  These virtual instructor-led workshops deliver the right balance between insight and skill development for personal and leadership development. 

Check out our updated Training Catalogue and discover the extensive array of training essentials the CCAA offers, as well as its expanded range of virtual training programming that can save your organization time – and all the travel expense!

Feel free to contact us with questions, or to discuss how the CCAA can help with your training and upskilling needs. 

Get Started on your CCAA Training

If compliance, efficiency and safety are benchmarks for your organization’s success, then staying on top of training, developing and upskilling of your workforce is mission critical.  CCAA's training promotes skills development in line with national occupational standards or regulatory requirements for the aviation, aerospace, and defence industries.

Two great ways to get the skills you need to succeed:

CCAA Virtual Instructor-Led Training:  Virtual workshops with small groups of participants and led by a highly qualified CCAA Facilitator and Instructor. Click here to learn more and to register for currently schedules 

CCAA Online Training: Online training that you can complete at your own pace.  To get started, simply click here to access the CCAA’s Learning Cart Platform and login or sign in using the green button. Then follow the easy step-by-step guide to finding and registering for the programs and courses you want. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser for the best results when taking our online training.

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