Individual Partnership

An Individual Partnership establishes partners in a professionally accredited and nationally recognized organization, which has the only credentialing system for skilled aviation and aerospace workers in Canada. Having CCAA Certification is a proven benchmark of quality because its standards demand the highest degree of professional competence and capability in the industry. In addition, CCAA encourages its partners to participate in advisory committees and recognizes the value of each individual’s contributions and opinions.

There are two types of Individual Partnership: Associate and Certified. All new partners are classified as Associate until they successfully complete a logbook and experience requirements and become Certified partners. The only exception is that a licensed AME who becomes a CCAA partner is automatically classified as Certified in their AME licensed trade.

A CCAA Associate Partnership is an essential step towards becoming a Certified Technician in your specialized field. By becoming a CCAA partner, you will be joining a growing number of individuals whose skills and experience are formally recognized by industry and Transport Canada. Whether you are enrolled in an accredited or related college program, or currently working in the industry and have aviation or aerospace experience, you can apply for a CCAA Partnership.

New partners receiving a logbook must have an active CCAA Evaluator to review and sign their logbook. An Evaluator must be employed with one of our corporate partners.