Skilled Labour in the Canadian Aerospace Manufacturing Sector

The Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace (CCAA) was commissioned by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Invest in Canada Bureau, to carry out a labour market information study. The underlying objective of this study was to establish whether labour skills shortages have been identified in key aerospace manufacturing occupations in Canada and if shortages exist, to determine the reason(s) for such shortages.

CCAA, with the assistance from the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) and industry, identified 10 key occupations in airframe and engine manufacturing (building and suppliers) for the purpose of this study.  These occupations do not represent the full range of workers within an aerospace manufacturing company, but rather those that are seen by industry as being the most critical to production. 

In addition to collecting data on the key occupations from the identified aerospace companies, CCAA collected data on the number of students graduating from the colleges and universities that train our aerospace workers, in industry-specific courses.