Skilled Workforce for the Future (YIP)

The Skilled Workforce for the Future program was the latest of the Canadian Maintenance Council's (CAMC) successful youth internship programs. Its objective was to develop interest in aviation and aerospace careers, and to provide industry information and training options, all leading to a more skilled workforce for the future.

During the course of the project new Aviation Maintenance Orientation Program (AMOP) schools were established and many of the existing schools engaged in new partnerships and initiatives. Thanks to the participation of several aviation and aerospace companies across Canada, CAMC developed an exciting DVD called Faces of the Future, which highlighted careers in aviation and aerospace. The DVD was distributed to all AMOP schools and Air Cadet squadrons across Canada. To complement the DVD, CAMC also developed a lesson plan that allows career class teachers to introduce students to the aviation and aerospace sector with little extra preparation beforehand. CAMC also produced a set of Essential Skills workbooks that supplement the current AMOP curriculum.