SME Work on CCAA Materials

SME's have worked on the following projects, among many others:

Subject Matter Expertise: CCAA Occupational Standards: (list, extract), Logbooks for Certification (list, extract) and Accredited Curricula (Accreditation)

Advisors and Testers for Online Accelerated Assessments or Practical Exams: Accelerated Assessment and Certification SiteKF Aerospace Kelowna, Air Canada Toronto, and Brampton Flight Centre

Participant in Labour Market Intelligence: National SME survey and interviews for CCAA LMI Reports

Participation in Project Focus-groups or Advisory Councils: ACADA representatives from the 2018, Women in Aviation focus group, Halifax

Presenter or Attendee at CCAA’s Annual Labour Market Strategy Day: Forum 2020Forum 2019

Expert for Youth Aviation and Aerospace Orientation and Outreach Materials: Youth SpaceCareer Guides

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