CCAA Career Pathways Focus-Group Meeting

juin 27
Air Canada Technical Operations, 6420 Silver Dart Drive, Mississauga, ON
juin 27, 2018
09h30 - 14h30

CCAA is holding the meeting to provide Canadian Aviation and Aerospace companies with an opportunity to review, provide input to, and validate the draft Career Pathways Matrix demonstrating career opportunities, alternatives and stepping stones for its skilled workforce.


CCAA is working to create an accelerated process for skilled foreign workers, and underemployed or unemployed Canadians, to fill the shortages in the Canadian Aviation and Aerospace industry. Accelerated skills assessment, accelerated certification processes and job matching services can assist workers to secure appropriate employment faster. CCAA is working to provide tools and a documented process to help individuals obtain employment which is aligned with their skills, to reduce "skills-mismatch".


To support this development, CCAA commissioned the development of a matrix of alternative careers and stepping stones for 19 occupations to directly support these accelerated skills assessment and certification processes to support talent attraction and retention through Aviation & Aerospace career pathways and mobility opportunities. Additionally, current ‘Stepping Stones’ to support advancement through the various career pathways along with skills development gaps will be identified.


Event is sponsored by CCAA, hosted by Air Canada and facilitated by Envision Technologies


For additional info please contact Marlene Conway-Diels, here.