Company Aviation Safety Officer (CASO) Workshop - Winnipeg, MB

oct 16
MANITOBA AEROSPACE - 1000 Waverley Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 0P3
oct 16, 2017
08h00 - 16h00

Company Aviation Safety Office (CASO) Workshop


Dates / Time / Location:


  • Monday, October 16th, 2017
  • 08:00 - 16:00
  • Location: MANITOBA AEROSPACE - 1000 Waverley Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 0P3
  • Cost: $520 for CCAA partners / $650 for regular participants; 10% discount on regular price for Manitoba Aerospace members


About the Workshop:


This workshop will be beneficial to participants carrying out the responsibilities of the safety officers and managers, as it meets the requirements of CAR’s 705.153, 573.06(8) 302.505. It will also be of interest to operations managers who require the Company Aviation Safety Officer’s (CASO) course to meet the requirements of CAR’s 723.07.


This 1-day workshop is designed for to familiarize the candidate to the various roles, responsibilities and duties of a Company Aviation Safety Officer. The content covered includes:


•     Safety Management Systems

•     Occupational Health and Safety

•     Human Factors awareness

•     How to establish a safety program

•     How to establish communication and reporting structure

•     Emergency Response Plans

•     Unscheduled/Accident/incident event management


Participants will benefit from a deeper understanding of the various aspects of safety management systems including how to better develop, manage and assess effective safety management within their operations. While this workshop meets Transport Canada requirements for the Safety officer, participants are encouraged to supplement their knowledge through supporting skills development products such as:


•     Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) Online Course

•     Human Factors Online Course

•     Aviation & Aerospace Manager Online Course – Level I

•     Quality Systems Auditor Workshop

•     Quality Assurance Manager Workshop


This workshop along with the Quality Assurance Workshop can be referenced to the applicable CCAA occupational standards for certification purposes.


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