International Women’s Day Ontario Canada Celebration

mar 6
The Country Club - 20 Lloyd Street Woodbridge, ON L4L 2B9
mar 6, 2020
11h00 - 15h30

Keep Yourself Moodivated: Carole Bertuzzi Luciani

Carole’s goal to celebrate International Women’s Day with us is to keep things light, help loosen the load we carry and liven up the room as we take a good look at ourselves in the laughing mirror. She subscribes to the advice of famed cartoonist, Jim Unger, who has stated: “having a sense of humour, is merely having the ability to laugh at yourself.” And that, we will most definitely do.

Blending her astute observations of everyday life, engaging story-telling and creative applications of simple props, Carole will expertly weave her wisdom throughout. Although the session will be fun-filled and you are guaranteed more than a few good belly laughs, there will be a multitude of messages for you to incorporate into your life.

Get ready to enjoy our time with Carole Bertuzzi Luciani.