Peter Boniface

Peter Boniface for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories


Peter got his start with the Rhodesian Air Force in the late 70’s, and has been in aviation for close on 40 years. An AME both in Canada and previously in South Africa since 83, Peter has held titles ranging from General Manager with CAE and Bombardier Military Aviation Training (NATO Flying Training Program for RCAF), to Director of Maintenance (Person Responsible for Maintenance and Maintenance Operations) with Conair, Fireweed Helicopters, and Field Aviation West out of Calgary. as well as Chief Maintenance Manager and Inspector with several other aviation companies.

Peter’s experience has spanned a multitude of disciplines, from hands on mechanics to executive level leadership, business ownership, comprehensive management of business operations, customer service, Quality Assurance, regulatory compliance and Safety Management Systems. Since 02 he has been an active key contributor to the development and updating of several CCAA National Occupational Standards, including but not limited to Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Quality Assurance Manager/Systems Auditor, Aviation Maintenance Inspector and Aviation Maintenance Manager.

Peter looks forward to the opportunity to advance his passion for a safe and professional aerospace industry, in conjunction with his vast global experience and knowledge, promoting CCAA’s menu of outstanding high quality and essential offerings.