Accelerated Assessment and Certification (AAC) Project


The Canadian aerospace and aviation industry needs talented workers with the right skills.

If you are a skilled foreign worker, or an underemployed or unemployed Canadian, there is a position waiting for you in our industry. The traditional certification process can take from 2 to 5 years, and may include a combination of training at an accredited college, completion of a logbook, on-the-job experience, and/or a challenge exam. The Canadian Council of Aerospace & Aviation (CCAA) is here to help you find employment aligned with your skills. This is an industry-based recognition program, for non-regulated aviation and aerospace occupations. On this site, you will find tools to help you gain accelerated certification in our industry, and staff waiting to help match your skills to the needs of employers.

We provide a self-assessment screening tool for individuals looking to enter the Canadian Aviation and Aerospace maintenance and manufacturing labour market.

We work with you to expedite your certification towards in-demand occupations, and provide you with advice and guidance on what you need to do to achieve full certification. By completing a self assessment, you initiate a file that we review and match against a database of employers and positions. From certification to employment, we are here to support you in your search for your next career opportunity.

Your next career challenge may be closer and more achievable than you think. Click on the link to complete a self-assessment for one of 17 high-demand occupations : 

For information about the CCAA Accelerated Assessment and Certification program, please contact Leslie Hogan at