CCAA Company Specific Skills Development

CCAA Company Specific Skills Development Program

CCAA now offers a service to assist you in developing your own company specific skills program.  We will meet with you to review and discuss the skills needs of your company, then provide you with a skills development strategy tailored to your company’s needs.

We can support your individual Program with a fully customized system, including creation of company specific standards, certification of the competency of your workforce, off-the-shelf or customized training programs, company instructor training and licensing of Occupational Standards or curricula to partner organizations. Upskilling can be performed in-house, through participation in our scheduled courses, or in some cases through on-line solutions.

Corporate liability is a risk factor that can be managed through methodical risk analysis, and training. Your CCAA Skills Development Program is a way to reduce these "Quality Escapes".   CCAA has many options available such as the advanced Human Factors for Managers course as well as Online training for developing skilled workers into effective supervisors. 

Our offerings extend beyond the realm of purely technical skills. Today, Quality Assurance Management and Audit Control are increasingly important in our industry and CCAA has both the standards and training to help keep you ahead of the curve.

You can review our in-house skills development options here, or consult our full training catalog here.

To take advantage of this complimentary assessment, discuss your specific company needs, or simply to find out more, please contact Kethy Sosso-Kolle at