A Human Resource Study of the Canadian Manufacturing and Maintenance Industry

The aim of the study was to identify, assess and analyse the human resource challenges the industry faces, and to recommend a pro-active, national strategy that addresses these challenges and enables the industry to remain competitive and achieve its full growth potential to the benefit of the industry at large and those employed within.

A Steering Committee composed of representatives from aviation companies, labour unions, and the federal government departments of Transport Canada, Industry Canada and Human Resources Skills Development Canada was created to oversee and guide the completion of this human resource analysis of the Canadian aviation industry.

The study was funded by way of a cost shared contribution agreement between the industry and Human Resources Development Canada (HRSDC). The completion of this human resource study would not have been possible without the countless hours of in-kind contributions provided by many companies and organizations that allowed their employees to participate on the Steering Committee responsible for the successful completion of this study.

The study is the single most comprehensive report that clearly identifies the national human resource issues challenging our industry today and well into the next decade.